Make government more accessible to residents

  • Improved communication: strong social media presence, availability for chats, coffees, meet and greets, etc.
  • Listening to concerns of citizens and bringing the issues back to council
  • Increasing attendance to Town Council meetings by identifying barriers and finding ways to overcome those
  • Increase attendance of young people by working with local schools

keep taxes low

  • Search for alternate funding of projects, including grants
  • Do everything in my power to stave off increases

foster an environment that promotes small business and keeps the entrepreneurial spirit alive

  • Being a friend of small business
  • Listening to owners and see how the town can decrease barriers to entry for small businesses
  • Support and nurture local businesses on Main Street and beyond

Attract businesses that pay livable wages

  • Currently, 37% of our residents belong to the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed). These are people who work hard, do NOT receive assistance yet still struggle to make ends meet. Attracting new business combined with decreasing barriers for small business owners will help reduce this number.

engage under served populations-youth (12-20) and the elderly

  • The saying goes, "Idle hands are the devil's playground". This is evident when we look at the opioid crisis that is affecting our town. There are very few activities for teenagers and young adults. We need to engage the youth and have places and programs in place for them. It is imp0rtant that we encourage businesses that seek to help along with finding grants to fund programs that keeps them busy with recreational and meaningful activity.
  • Our senior community also needs more programs geared towards them. While collecting petition signatures, I met quite a few seniors. Many of them were lonely. We can do better by these folks who have worked hard and contributed to our community for so many years. Again, this will take encouraging businesses that are geared to their population and working to obtain grants for programs.

Do you have ideas on how to reach these goals? Do you have questions? Let's chat.